More Than One Day

Single Released - Febuary 11th


Kevin Jones

More Than One Day - Single Amazon MP3 iTunes     

Released Feb 11, 2014



Kevin Jones

Heart & Soul EP Amazon MP3 iTunes     

1. Start It Up
2. Two Eyes One Girl
3. So Long San Diego
4. All I Know To Do
5. Christ For Righteousness
6. I Need Jesus

Released April 30, 2013


Kevin Jones

Two Eyes, One Girl - Single Amazon MP3 iTunes     

Released Feb 14, 2013




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Kevin Jones Music


Kevin Jones


It's been said that there are two sides to every coin. For Kevin Jones, this is most certainly the case. Growing up as a young creative in Dallas, Texas, Jones quickly found his voice through listening to great soulful singers like James Taylor, The Mills Brothers and Frank Sinatra. "I was raised with music all around me. My family would gather every holiday and sing old barbershop quartet and big band tunes." These proved to be a great fit for the smoky voiced Jones, who quickly married his singing to his skillful guitar work. As a boy, Jones knew he was on to something when he won his school's talent show with just his voice and a ukulele. It seemed his path was clear. Sadly, life took a dramatic turn in 1995 when Jones' mother lost her bout with cancer. It was an earth shattering loss for the boy. He shares that he found comfort for his soul and answers to his questions when, as a nine year old, he became a Christian.

Years later, Jones found himself in an unexpected line of work: Church planting. In the fall of 2009 he helped start Stonegate Church in southwest Dallas where he still serves. For the past three years Jones has been the full time worship minister of a growing congregation. "I wanted to paint a bigger picture with music. A picture of a God who loves us more than we could ever understand." In 2012 his passion for worship and of pop music came to a head as he contemplated making his first solo EP.

The current artistic climate is one of divisions. We are desperate to categorize music as one genre or another, and no divide seems greater than between mainstream and Christian art. It looked as though there were two very different roads for Jones to take. He could either embrace his passion for soul-pop music, or continue down the road of making worship songs for the Church. In a clever move, Jones has chosen to do both. The 'Heart and Soul' EP is a six song portrait of a whole person. A record you can roll the windows down to and just drive, or fall on your knees in worship. From faith to romance, from the trivial to the weighty, from folk to pop, this project is broad in its reach. It is not, as one might think, a 'house divided' but rather a complete thought. And may I add, refreshingly so. This debut from the Texas native has both heart, and is good for the soul. There are two sides to every coin, and I for one am glad that both Kevin Jones and his music show us both.

Written by: Jimmy Needham


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Kevin Jones - Heart & Soul EP Behind the Scenes